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Aphrodite Karagioules

GET TO KNOW Aphrodite Karagioules

Greek goddess of love! That’s me, a lover of all things Greece. I’ve traveled there more than 15 times in my career, which qualifies me as a hands-on specialist. I’m also a Travel School graduate, so I’ve been working in the industry my entire adult life.

Even with the apparent ease of online bookings, I have more and more clients working with me because they realize I can find and do things for them that they cannot do on their own. Which is so rewarding!

Travel History

  • Favourite Spot: I love travel, so everywhere!
  • Best Travel Experience: Israel. Fantastic place!
  • Other passions: Hiking – a very West Coast pastime
  • Come see me because: I truly care that you want the best travel experience

Aphrodite Karagioules’S TRAVEL PHOTOS