Nelly Tsamis

I have been here for a decade, and it’s been a lot of fun. Hard work, but fun. How could it not be, when my day is spent making people happy. I also happen to speak quite a few Eastern European languages, which makes it easier for my clients from those areas to work with me. (And of course I know a lot about that region if clients are going to be traveling there.)

Most of my work is spent on putting packages together, with an emphasis on airline bookings.

Eleni Diamantopoulos

32 years ago,  I took a course in travel as part of my business degree – then went for a mock interview. And was hired on the spot. So you could say I was born to do this.  I have a real passion for travel.   I consider myself to be very lucky to work as a travel professional, because I get to help people plan and make their dreams come true.   It is challenging and fun at the same time!

I work with corporate travellers, families, destination weddings and specialty groups, which requires the wisdom and patience that comes with many years’ experience.   It’s a great feeling when they return to you with smiles!



Natasha Jurosevic

My passion for travel is exceeded only by my love for working with people.

Always exciting, dynamic, and to be honest, challenging. But that’s what makes it so special.

I specialize in European and other sun destinations, like the Caribbean, Hawaii and Mexico. I also try to have first-hand experiences before recommending anything to my clients. Safe to say I would never propose anything to my clients that I would never buy myself.