Thomas Panos

This has been my passion since 1997; I chose this work because the one thing I always wanted to do with my life was make people happy. As a result I deal with people who are equally as happy to deal with me.

What I really try to do is make each client experience as unique for them as possible. Travel can be expensive, so to be able to help create a lifetime memory and add value this way is a source of great satisfaction to me.

Nick Panos

I started this business in 1974. I wanted to be my own boss, which I am. But, more importantly, I have always loved dealing with people, making them feel welcome and then making sure they want to keep coming back.

This is first and foremost a service business, so this recipe is as important to me as my favourite meal. And which explains why I have built up a very long list of personal clientele, all of whom enjoy the fact they are getting the most trustworthy service in the industry.

Greg Panos

The complexities of airline bookings these days requires both an encyclopedic knowledge of the travel industry, coupled with the ever-changing, demanding needs of travelers. It takes years of experience; it takes getting inside all the world’s airlines to understand their process; and it takes the wealth of personal relationships gained over many years, to be able to put together the best possible booking.

Which is where I come in. I’m Greg and I’ve been doing precisely this for a very long time. (Don’t ask how long)

David Griffiths

35 years ago, a friend asked me to spend a day helping him in his travel business. And I’ve never looked back. I loved it from day 1. I have great relationships with my clients… it’s a good feeling when they come to rely on you and you never let them down.

High-end corporate bookings is at the centre of what I offer, dealing mostly with corporate executives and business owners. I seek out the unexpected in my travels which I pass on to my clients. Those out-of-the-way restaurants, bars and the like which are not on the normal tourist maps. I’ve been told I excel at this!

Marina Tsoupikova

Seeing how happy I can make people gets me here every day. And has for 13 years! Better yet, I get to travel, I get to enjoy all that my clients experience on their travel.

I’m the packages pro in the office. Packages can be complex, there are normally a lot of moving parts that need to be co-ordinated. What I do is simplify them for my clients, and make sure every possible attention-to-detail has been looked at. This is the comfort my clients deserve – and receive.

Malisa Miletich

Having been inspired at a young age, travel has always been a passion so working in travel was a natural fit. Still, after 30 years in the industry, I love seeing the excitement of clients when discussing their travel plans. It’s infectious! Being a Spain and Portugal specialist, the best part of day to day life in the office is there is always a new destination to discover!


Aphrodite Karagioules

Greek goddess of love! That’s me, a lover of all things Greece. I’ve traveled there more than 15 times in my career, which qualifies me as a hands-on specialist. I’m also a Travel School graduate, so I’ve been working in the industry my entire adult life.

Even with the apparent ease of online bookings, I have more and more clients working with me because they realize I can find and do things for them that they cannot do on their own. Which is so rewarding!

Nelly Tsamis

I have been here for a decade, and it’s been a lot of fun. Hard work, but fun. How could it not be, when my day is spent making people happy. I also happen to speak quite a few Eastern European languages, which makes it easier for my clients from those areas to work with me. (And of course I know a lot about that region if clients are going to be traveling there.)

Most of my work is spent on putting packages together, with an emphasis on airline bookings.